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Are you familiar with the benefits of sugarless gum? Sugarless gum can be used to freshen breath and clean your mouth, but it can also be used to help lower your risk for cavities, which is not due to the ingredients in gum, but rather the act of chewing it. By chewing gum, you can help stimulate your mouth to produce additional saliva to help with the act of chewing. Saliva is a natural substance in your mouth designed to improve your oral health by washing away food debris and particles that may linger in your mouth after eating. Saliva can even lower your risk for dental erosion by neutralizing the harmful acids that can chew through your tooth enamel.

Chewing gum can be extremely beneficial for individuals who are at an increased risk for dental abrasion. Immediately after eating acids from your food are still present on your teeth and need to be neutralized with your saliva. Chewing sugarless gum can be is great for stimulating the production of saliva.

Studies have shown that by chewing gum for longer than twenty minutes after eating, it can help spur on the formation of saliva and help prevent cavities. Similarly, chewing gum can help treat and prevent the effects of heartburn on your teeth. Heartburn occurs when stomach acids travel up your esophagus and into your mouth. When these acids encounter your gum tissue and tooth enamel, erosion can occur. To combat this problem, use chewing gum to help wash away the acids that may begin to collect.

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