Quality Oral Hygiene Products Are Essential for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

The American marketplace is rife with hyperbolic advertising messages that are meant to emphasize a product’s benefits while ignoring their inadequacies. This can be of particular concern when it comes to choosing the products you use in your daily oral hygiene regimen. To address these concerns while helping consumers identify quality oral hygiene products on… Read more »

Easy Ways to Damage Your Teeth

The key to optimum oral health begins with protecting your teeth. Always make sure to avoid risks that could easily damage your teeth and your tooth enamel. Some dangers are easy to spot, and some are hidden to the naked eye. Are you taking the appropriate steps to protect your smile? Listed below are a… Read more »

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are treatments designed to protect your teeth after the pulp of a tooth has been damaged. The pulp is a soft tissue inside a tooth that contains the life force of the tooth, including nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. If it becomes diseased or infected, it must be removed and the tooth… Read more »

How to Care for a Dental Implant

You understand that missing a tooth can be embarrassing, but did you know missing a tooth can also cause a number of problems? Fortunately, there are options you can consider using to replace your missing tooth. For example, a dental implant is one important option you can consider. This restoration will help you chew and… Read more »

Hardened Tartar at the Gumline Is the Primary Cause of Gum Disease

The inflammation and potential infection of gum disease is a problem that needlessly affects the oral health and quality of life of millions of Americans. It is primarily caused by hardened tartar that forms at the gumline. Once it forms, the bacterial-rich substance is very hard to remove from brushing and flossing at home. This… Read more »

Sedation Dentistry: What You Should Know

You probably know that you should visit our dentist regularly, but what can you do if you have dental anxiety? While you may know that sedation dentistry can help you deal with your anxiety, but did you know that it could also help with a number of other issues? Even if a patient doesn’t suffer… Read more »

Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

A key component to oral health is being aware of everything that you eat. Many types of foods and snacks can be dangerous to your teeth and gums in all sorts of way. What you eat is important because bacteria in the mouth can convert sugars and carbohydrates into harmful acids that eat away at… Read more »

An Extracted Tooth’s Function and Presence Can Be Replaced by a Bridge Restoration

Having a tooth knocked out, lost to decay, or extracted can have some serious ramifications for your overall oral health and function. Even if you get used to the alterations in your appearance and the decreased ability to chew, other complications can arise later. You see, the teeth in your mouth are held in place… Read more »

The Tips You Need to Avoid Tooth Decay on a Regular Basis

If you want a pristine oral health and a top-notch smile, you need to avoid tooth decay as much as possible. This isn’t as tough as you might think it is. There are just some things you need to do on a regular basis. Those things are: -Keep up on oral hygiene: One of the… Read more »

How Your Dental Crown Fittings Will Go

If you allow your daily hygiene routine to become a token gesture towards oral care, then you might be allowing cavities to develop into real problems. The bacteria you don’t remove attacks your teeth and forms large pits that threaten the structure of your teeth. If they get to this stage, the cavity might be… Read more »