If chronic bad breath (also known as halitosis) is ruining your relationship with others, then come to Smiles of Distinction so you can receive bad breath treatment. Dr. Bartholemew Schultz will perform a thorough examination of your mouth so we can determine the cause of the problem and offer the most effective treatment solution. Call our dentist today if you want to receive treatment for bad breath in Savage, Minnesota.

Bad breath can be embarrassing, especially if you have a chronic problem with it. Though most of the time it originates from the bacteria in the mouth, it can sometimes be a symptom for other problems. Bad breath can come from plaque, tartar, broken or leaking fillings, dry mouth, infection, an abscess, and gum disease. After examining your mouth, we will diagnose the problem and offer treatments.

The best way to treat bad breath is to treat the underlying problem, whether it is deep cleanings for gum disease, root canal therapy for an abscess, or artificial saliva for a dry mouth. However, there are other treatments and at-home products we may recommend. Besides routine brushing and flossing, we may prescribe an antimicrobial mouthwash or advise you to drink more water or chew sugar-free gum. Contact our dental team today if you want treatment for chronic bad breath.