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Are you aware of the tooth hazard risks that you could be placing on your mouth every day? Have you carefully thought about your diet and how the foods and drinks you’re consuming are affecting your teeth and gums? Have you thought about how they’re affecting your jaw? It is always important to think about these tasks and understand the relationship between your diet and your oral health.

It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t be opening product packaging with your teeth. This can include popping off bottle caps or tearing through plastic packaging. Your teeth are designed to chew food not shred away inedible products. If you’re not careful, these products can provide tooth hazards and can severely damage your teeth and gums.

Always make sure you were making the right food choices in regard to your diet. Not like in the foods you eat potentially cause dental damage, but so too can the drinks. This is because numerous projects are laden with sugar, which plaque and bacteria in your mouth can convert into harmful acids which eat right through your tooth enamel. To keep your smile safe, minimize the amount of sugar in products you consume. The same can be said for starchy foods.

Keeping your mouth safe from tooth hazards includes exercising caution with meals throughout the day. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid snacking as much as possible. By snacking too much, you can wear down your body’s ability to produce saliva and make your mouth further susceptible to dental damage. In addition, snacks allow food debris to linger in your mouth longer and increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur.

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